Who we are

We are the apex youth body of Nigeria Youths! We are here to make a difference and build and even greater nation. Nation bulding is a nullity without the youths. Join us today! Under the leadership of The President, National Youth Council Of Nigeria, Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo, we will focus on helping Nigeria youths in the following areas as outlined below:

Education for the youths for us is a top priority. It is a well – known fact that education is key particularly for the youths. We call on Government agencies of all tiers to take the education of Nigeria YouthsΒ  as number one agenda in their plans.

We have plans in place to ensure that our youths receive the needed quality of education to enable them be able to fulfill their potentials and compete with other youths in the International Committee of Nations.

Job creation is indeed a must if our teeming youths are to reach their potentials especially after acquring the needed education.

We recommend that all Nigeria Youths, visit this website from time to time as vacncies from different corporate entities will be advertised on this website to enable them apply and on time too.

Here at National Youth Council Of Nigeri Headquarters, we will continue to advice all youths to ensure that peace reigns in their domains. Nothing can be achieved in an atmosphere filled with youth restiveness.

We have put in place quite a number of programmes during which training will be offered the Nigerian Youth on the importance of Peace.

Youths need direction, and that is why we are here to provide leadership for Nigeria Youths. Run to us with any anxious care using either the Live Chat platform or the Contact Page . Also, you can send an email directly to the N.Y.C.N President Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo using his personal email president@nationalyouthcouncilofnigeria.org

Meet with our President

β€œWe will also ensure that Federal Government Agencies, Parastatals engage the youths in Employment opportunities. As president, we are going to hold a Nigerian Youths summit where every youth will be given an opportunity from the Federal, State and Local Government level.”

What We Promise

Lasting peace in Nigeria, Youths empowerment,Β  Ensuring that our youths are not tools for political thuggery, Not to sell out (NYCN) to any Political Party.

We Can Live Together

Our religious differences can be a source of strength. Youths, refuse to be divided by religion.

Ignite Your Energy

We encourage refuse to redouble their efforts as leaders not just of tomorrow but of today. This is possible if they stay motivated now!


Efforts are on top gear to attract both local and foreign aids to empower the youths. Please follow us for updates.

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