In melancholy National Youth Council of Nigeria lament the continuous killings of foreigners in South Africa mostly who are Nigerians, the barbaric act has become more ritualistic than xenophobic. Itโ€™s quite unfortunate that the South African Government is a conspirator in the inhumane killing of fellow Africans by her citizens.

The agony of watching fellow Nigerians gruesomely murdered in a fellow African country and the pain of seeing Nigerians Nationals degraded below animals is beyond our emotional ingest, as such the need to act accordingly. National Youth Council of Nigeria calls on all Nigerians in South Africa to start coming back home with immediate alacrity.

We call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to make provision for all Nigerians in South Africa to return home as a matter of urgency, providing the necessary support for the victims to get back to their feet. The Government of Nigeria should also cut all diplomatic ties with the South Africa Government, for a nation that does not respect our nationals deserve neither our diplomatic cooperation nor engagement.

Being the apex Youth Body in Nigeria we request the South Africa High Commissioner to Nigeria, return back to his country with his entire nationals within 48 working hours, we shall not hesitate to occupy the South Africa Consulate with a full capacity if our request is overlooked. South Africans deserve no diplomatic relationship with Nigerians as much as they donโ€™t respect our nation.

In the spirit of being responsible people in spite of the anger, we call on Nigerians to desist attacking shops perceived to be South Africa establishment; most of these establishments are franchise own by Nigerians why some have Nigerians as the largest shareholders. Nigerian Law has made it difficult for a foreigner to own a company in Nigeria one hundred percent.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria ably piloted by Amb. Sukubo SaraIgbe Sukubo vow to protect the interest of Nigeria Youths as contained in the mandate given to us, as such South Africa High Commissioner must return back home or have Nigeria Youth to contend with.

Signed Comrade Olugbode Damola Hammed
National PRO
National Youth Council of Nigeria
(08068360731, nycnnec@gmail.com)

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