Amb Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo

‘’Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits. To be great,

You have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood,

But in all stay strong, God will see you through’’

Amb. Sukubo Sara-igbe Sukubo was born on 15th of January 1987 to the family of his Royal Highness King Aaron A.K.D Amayejeke Offo Sara, Amanyanbo of Kula Kingdom in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Amb. Sukubo sara-igbe Sukubo started his primary education at state school in Kula in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State between 1993 and 1999. He had his Secondary Education at Community secondary School Kula between 2000 and 2006

Amb. Sukubo is rarely plagued by doubts, and he neither sees nor recognizes obstacles in his path. If he has a winning formula, that must be it, and that quality endears him to many people, particularly the Youths of Nigeria. He inspires confidence in people; he is fanatically loyal to his friends and would go to any extent to support friends. But he hates greed, lies and ingratitude.

Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo as a leader is easy to work with, if he insists on a position you can be sure that he will not change, but before he makes up his mind he takes advices and would weigh his options carefully before finally making up his mind. Sukubo as he fondly called is a visionary and innovative leader with very outstanding track records in youth activism.

Working with Amb. Sukubo sara-igbe sukubo, you will discover that his real courage is not physical but it lies in his ability to go off the beaten track, to try things that have been attempted and to believe without doubt that they can be achieved.

This visionary leader is ready and absolutely prepared to defend any collective mandate given to him at any cost.


Our vision is to concretize legacies of National Youth Council of Nigeria and take bold step to put the development and participation of Youth at the Centre of Nigeria Development.


To position the Nigeria Youth Council of Nigeria with Laudable blueprint that makes goals and objective achievable .


  1. He will increase socio-economic empowerment of NYCN by establishing the much needed relationship with Government and private sectors for sustainable development of youths in Nigeria.
  2. He will use his political contacts and connections to ensure active participation of NYCN and its affiliate bodies in the implementation plans of Government and private sector with the view to improving the quality of lives of young persons in the Country.
  3. He is willing and ready to create the needed environment to showcase the ability of youths for productive and responsible life.
  4. He will consolidate on the gains of a more vibrant NYCN in the Country which he has started.


  • Reclamation of more than ten hectares of land in OffoinAma Community without Government or company support as Akuku-Toru Youth president.
  • Creation of over 200 job opportunities for Community youths who are currently employed till date.
  • Pursue and secure revolving loan for 2000 youths worth two Hundred Million Naira.
  • Pursue and secure the release of Six Hilux Cars for the South-South Youth Leaders.
  • Organized a prayer meeting for both Muslims and Christians for President MuhamaduBuhari GCFR, when he was sick in London. This prayer meeting was the first in Nigeria that witnessed both Muslims and Christians coming together in Unity.


Universal Peace Federation Conference in Nairobi Kenya, 2013.


  1. Niger Delta Shinning Hero Award (Niger Delta Graduates Development Foundation, 2015)
  2. United Nations Ambassador for Peace, 2012.
  3. Grand Defender of unemployed Youths (Association of Unemployed Graduates, 2009.)


  1. Captain, Noble Football Club, 2003
  2. Founder And Pioneer Chairman, Noble Age Grade Kula, 2005
  3. Chairman Semi-Skill Workers-Shell/NNPC NCTL
  4. Secretary Ijaw Youth Council Kula Clan, 2017
  5. Youth President Offoin-Ama Community, 2009
  6. Financial Secretary Chevron Gmou Project For Kula Cluster, 2009
  7. Chairman National Youth Council Of Nigeria Akuku-Toru Local
  8. Community Liaison Officer, (Glo) Spcd And Offoin –AmaComjunity 2011-2013
  9. Secrtary, Spdc/Nnpc St Bartholomew Souk Gas Plant Project, 2013
  10. ExcutiveChaiman, Nycn Rivers State Chapter 2015 Till Date.
  11. Chairman, Chairman’s Forum, National Youth Council Of Nigeria, 2017 Till Date
  12. President N.Y.C.N.